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Ten outstanding things you need to know about the Viking arm tool features

Who is the Viking arm? 

They founded Viking Arm on the basic principles of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. Viking Arm was first established in Norway by two innovators Oivind Resch and Terje Scheen, in the year 2008. The two partners have a proven track record and innovative entrepreneurs.  

Oivind Resch and Terje Scheen took to heart the Norwegian proverb that states, “If something is worth doing. It’s worth doing right”. Every detail of the Viking arm tool is tested and verified, then tried again. This ensures the product quality is top-notch and no gaps exist in terms of quality control. 

What is the Viking Arm tool? 

The Viking Arm tool is a handheld precision tool built with innovation and quality products such as stainless steel. It is a new tool that far exceeds the demands of industry professionals. The quality-price is also friendly, making it affordable to its users.  

The Viking arm tool has a lift capacity of up to 150 kilograms making its applications more unlimited. It has various uses, from installing doors, kitchen cabinets, and windows being the primary, more wide applications of Viking Arm. 

We can also use the Viking Arm outside in the installation of porches and decks. The application of the Viking Arm is many. 

An advantage of the Viking Arm is that it reduces the number of hands required at a job site. Having less labor eventually reduces the costs associated with delivery.  

Specifications of the Viking Arm 

  • They make the Viking Arm out of hardened stainless steel or aluminum. 
  • It has a lift capacity of 150 kilograms or 330 pounds. 
  • It has an impressive operation range (mm) of 6-215.  
  • The Viking Arm has a standard base (mm) of 5*105*87, 
  • Viking Arm offers an optional hardened carbon steel base (mm) of 6*105*87. 
  • It comes with mounting holes for safer operations. 
  • FIMTECH, in Norway, extensively tests the Viking Arm. 
  • It only weighs 1.4 kilograms or 3 pounds. 

Features of the Viking Arm tool 

The features that distinguish Viking Arm from the market competition are; 

  • Viking Arm is an innovative and universal tool. It has a wide range of applications that make it a market leader. 
  • Most job sites require a lift, press, and tightening—the specially designed Viking Arm handles these processes with seamless ease.  
  • The Viking Arm has an impressive lift capacity of 330 pounds or 150 kilograms for such a small and compact tool. 
  • Viking Arm has patented its innovation. The patents mean the product is excellent; they need to protect its design and always build to give results.  
  • It substitutes many traditional work tools. Job sites required a large deployment of labor to lift doors, cabinets, and windows when they install them. The Viking Arm, however, cuts the labor requirement making it easier to be profitable.  
  • The Viking Arm inspires creativity in its users, ensures the quality of work done at a job site, and ensures the safety of workers at job sites. 
  • It increases productivity and saves time and money for every project—benefits enjoyed by both the business and the customer. 
  • Its construction using hardened stainless steel and aluminum is sturdy and durable. 
  • They design and manufactured Viking Arm in Norway.  
  • Viking Arm has components that are of the highest quality.  


Owning livestock is of great beneficial to any individual or even a company. This is because they provide a ton of products that can be used both at home as well as for commercial purposes. Livestock should thus be properly taken care of which in turn increases their productivity. In this article, we will focus on the livestock’s home, where we will take a look into the importance of quality fencing for the livestock fence fast supplies

What is it like to keep livestock? 

Not unless the livestock is inherited from family wealth, one would have to purchase livestock for ownership. It may not be as easy as it seems for this purchase would cost quite a generous sum of money not to mention the question, what is it going to be like keeping livestock? Well, costly is one thing and you should thus be prepared to provide all that is required. These livestock require: constant feeding, vaccination against diseases, proper cleaning and a place to stay in. However, the benefits that come with proper management of livestock are also numerous and they most certainly do outweigh the cons. It is thus most certainly a project worth venturing into. 

Reasons for employing quality fencing for livestock 

Some individuals such as pastoralists, who may have access to vast grazing lands, may argue as to why one would consider fencing their livestock farms. Below are a few reasons as to why you should consider employing quality fencing for your livestock: 

  • To easily manage both land and pasture. 
  • To protect your livestock. 
  • It is a legal requirement so as to avoid trespassing. 
  • For better farm organization 
  • Better stock management 

In close relation to these are the importance of quality fencing for livestock which include: 

  • Easier containment of your livestock which prevents them from wondering off your property. This plays a big role when it comes to your livestock’s protection as they may end up veering off to places such as the nearby roads and end up causing accidents. 
  • It also enables one to maintain good relations with neighbors as quality fencing will keep your livestock in for they are unlikely to damage it and wander. This prevents territorial disputes from arising.  
  • It is also of aesthetic value as this encourages organization especially when the fencing partitions the area into manageable paddocks. 
  • Quality fencing also saves on cost as it would be durable and would thus last a good length of time and one would not be forced to replace it every now and then. This replacing of the fence is quite an expensive venture thus one should aim to invest in quality fencing beforehand. 
  • As it also allows for proper stock management, it would be easy to keep track of the breeding as well as the livestock’s produce for they are well contained. 

It is thus evident that taking something as little as fencing your livestock farm into consideration goes a long way into ensuring your livestock do well. Not to forget that it also makes it a lot easier for you to take care of them. Why not actualize quality fencing then? It surely is a positive step to take. 

An Article on How to use vintage license plates for interior décor

A person should know How to use vintage license plates for interior décor. A license facilitate efficient, and effective running for an interior decor. It is illegal to run a business without a license.  

The vintage license plates is rectangular in shape. The plate contain all the personal information. This article highlights on How to use vintage license plate for interior décor license plates by Rustic

The interior décor businesses need to be registered. Following the rules, and regulations under the legal act, all business custodians should register for their business.  It is illegal to use an invalid vintage license.  

A special small device has been made to detect the vintage license plate. When a person is in need of using a vintage license, he/she insert it in the machine. The machine detect the license plate, and displays the required information. You can produce a print out of license information.  

The vintage license must be valid. It has the date of issue, name of a person, and expiry date. It include other relevant décor information.  

The vintage license plates is easy to use. It has made work easy by reducing the paper work. Before licenses were printed out. Nowadays a durable material is used to make a copy of a license.  

The process of issuing a license takes almost two to three weeks duration. When a license expires you renew by paying a registration fee. 

You can apply for a vintage license plates for interior décor. If you wish to expand the décor, you don’t need another license plates. 

You can run a décor business easily by walking up, and down of interior places. 

A person with a vintage license should know how to use it. First, ensure you keep the plate in a safe place. A cool dry dirt free place is the best place to keep your vintage license. 

Put the plate nearby the décor business. In case need be you can have access to it. People who control the businesses may go round assessing the business décor. 

If the plate get lost you have to report, and apply for a new license plate. A certain fee may be charged to renew or replace a license. 

Never share your vintage license plates. A person may use the personal information to hawk your data. A person should be aware, that all data can be retrieved using this plate. 

A security person has authority to have access to your vintage license plate. If he finds you guilty he uses the plate to retrieve your personal information. When you give out your vintage license, ensure you have taken it, and kept it well. 

The owner of the vintage license is the custodian, and is responsible for all acts that occur in relation to the décor. 

In summary learn How to use vintage license plates for interior décor. 


Have you got any tattoo and you need to care for it?  Your tattoo needs to be taken good care of. Do not leave your tattoo to dry up. 

 After you tattoo yourself, the next step is to avoid the formation of a scab and try the best tattoo aftercare. Below I will discuss the essential tips to care for your tattoo as you wait for it to heal and the best products to boost your healing process. By the end of this article you would be able to have a variety of choices for your tattoo aftercare. 

Tips for Tattoo Aftercare. 

Cover up the Tattoo. 

After applying antibiotic ointment onto your tattoo, cover it up using a plastic wrap or a bandage to prevent your skin from being infected with bacteria. This method also protects your tattoo from being rubbed off onto your clothes making you feel uncomfortable. 

Wash Your Tattoo Gently. 

Unwrap the tattoo after few hours then wash it first gently with soap and water then rinse with non-fragrance soap and warm water. Dry your skin gently with a soft cloth then apply alcohol and fragrance-free moisturizer. Keep your skin free from covering and let it have fresh air. 

Let Your Skin Heal. 

Do the following while you get your tattoo healed; go outside with sun-protective clothes, in case of any complications, you should call your tattoo doctor or consult your tattoo artist in case of any irritation on your skin. 

However, Do not be tempted to pick at your tattoo. Put on loose clothing over your tattoo, do not swim with unhealed tattoo and finally, do not cover the tattoo with sunblock clothes unless it has fully healed. 

If you feel itchy with your tattoo, consider using warm clothes to compress it over your tattoo twice a day. Use two paper towels, soak them in warm water, squeeze then gently compress them on your tattoo. Do not soak your tattoo excessively.  

Best Products for Tattoo Aftercare. 

Original Petroleum Jelly of Vaseline. 

This ointment protects cracked, dry and irritated skin by soothing it. Above all, it works perfectly on freshly made tattoos. This Jelly prevents bacteria infection to your skin and promotes quick healing of your tattoo. 

Aquaphor Ointment. 

This Advance Therapy Healing Ointment is widely used for caring of tattoos. This ointment works by exudating and moisturizing your skin thus promoting faster healing. It also helps to nourish your skin. Currently this is the best tattoo ointment worldwide. 

Aveeno Sheer Hydration Lotion. 

With this ointment, be sure to have your tattoo being healed within few weeks. The lotion hydrates the tattoo and keeps nourished. The lotion also soothes your skin making you feel comfortable. 

CeraVe Healing Ointment. 

This ointment is applied immediately you get your tattoo. It works perfectly to promote faster would healing and prevents your skin from being infected with bacteria. 

In conclusion, you should find yourself the best regimen for good tattoo aftercare like aquaphor which is the most recommended for tattoo aftercare. Aquaphor is both anti-inflammatory and a hydrating agent that speeds up the process of your tattoo healing. 

Trending home furnishing ideas for your home décor

There is a great feeling that comes by when you get home to a beautiful well-decorated home that just spells out homely. Furnishing your home is essential before moving into your house. It is not just about having a roof over your head but also creating a serene, homely environment that you long to go back to. Home décor ideas are so many, but it all depends on one’s taste, preference, or simply ideas that they intend to have in their home. 

Home décor could be one’s initiative where you implement your idea, or you can hire your home décor to accelerate the job for you. Some of the great ideas include: 

Neutral Theme colours 

The colour blend is crucial in ensuring that your home is attractive. Irrespective of the room, a colour blend is important. One may go for the lights shades for the walls and follow up with the same colour but of different shades on the furniture. For instance, if your walls are light grey, do follow your sofas, carpet with a shade of grey that perfectly blends in with the theme colour. Your theme hue is not be limited to one colour, it may be two colours or three if the three do bend. Grey, is the trending colour of the year. 

Graphic art and gallery wall 

Ever walked into a home and that piece of art hanging on the wall captures your attention? That is what art does, it stands out. Having a piece of art hung on your wall or drawing graphic art on your wall, carpet, flowerpot will not go unnoticed. In addition to that, you can have a gallery wall; where you hang photos of the key events in your life and the other occupant’s life. 

Nature into your home. 

Nature says nothing but homely in your house. Having natural items placed all over your home could be very accommodating. It can be as simple as various plant pots around your home or climbing plants. These natural elements are a reminder of the exterior world. 

Modern rustic touch 

This is the blend of the new trending ideas and the old traditional ideas. It brings out the classy but still homely feeling. The incorporation of the two will be a great idea in your home. Keeping up with the trending ideas but still maintaining the beautiful old ideas will be the trend. 

Wood Furnishing 

Wood furnishing on cabinets, counters have been the trend for over a decade. The new trend will be the light wood furnishing for the walls, floors, ceiling, and pieces of furniture in your home. 

Home décor trending ideas are very many. It is all up to you to choose which one suits you best. Home furnishing is fundamental in your home, do take the time to think and decide on the ideas. 

Home decoration :- Stephanie Cohen

Why Lease an Apartment?

A lot has been left unsaid when it comes to the benefits of renting an apartment. Leasing one has tons of advantages, some of which have been listed below. 

The tax break is guaranteed  

One of the greatest benefit of owning a home, is getting a tax relief of some sort. However, getting this is not something that can always be relied on. If a home owners annual mortgage interest payment, plus any other deductions they are entitled to, isn’t greater than the standard tax deductions, then no benefit will be received. 

However, with leasing an apartment receiving this is always a guarantee. This is due to the fact that a large portion of the rent paid is tax deductible every year. 

Maximum flexibility is ensured  

Renting provides a huge amount of flexibility. It is possible to pack and leave immediately after the expiry of a lease. This can be yearly or even monthly. There is no waiting to sell and going over the tiresome housing market before moving. For a lot of people, the freedom of being able to live anywhere and at any time is beneficial and can simply not be overlooked. 

Minimum risk 

When it comes to owning a home, the stakes are pretty high once funds are depleted. When mortgage cannot be paid, the lender has great leverage. The house and all equitable investments could be in great jeopardy. This does not mean that there are zero consequences if a tenant fails to pay rent. However, the pain of being evicted cannot be compared to that of losing a house.  

Apart from that, there are also several social service programs run by the government, that help people in need pay rent in order to avoid eviction. It is almost impossible to find banks or rather money lenders, that are lenient enough when it comes to paying mortgage. 

You get more for your money 

It is well known that the cost of renting an apartment is much cheaper as compared to that of buying a house. This is especially when living in a large city. In most cases it is more affordable than purchasing a condo, not to mention the generous amount of space availed. In addition to this, tenants do not have to worry about coming up with expensive down payments, closing costs and fees for things such as building inspections, land transfer taxes, legal counsel as well as insurance. 

This does not even factor in the borrowing cost. Most mortgage payments are applied only to the interest rate and not the capital during the first five years of home ownership. This means that this money will not be gotten back after selling the home. This is even after going through all the hassles of putting the house on the market. 

Ultimately, the decision of whether to own a home or rent an apartment needs to be done after a lot of consideration. Therefore, it is important to exhaust all factors before making a decision. 

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Steps To Follow When Choosing Your Dumpster Rental Company

There is no cost effective way of redoing your private or commercial building Nashville Dumpster Rental locations, other than painting it. However, you should not just paint it but paint it in the correct way. This can however only be done by professional commercial painters, who are well versed with how good painting should be done. It is therefore very important whenever you are choosing your commercial painter, to look at their experience, reviews and expertise, so that you can get quality services. Choosing the right professional commercial painter comes along with a lot of benefits. This article therefore, will delve into steps you need to follow, when choosing your commercial painter.

Step 1: Look through your choices

It is no secret that there are very many commercial painters in town, who are ready to paint your private or commercial building All you need to do therefore, is choose the one that best suits you. The first step that you need to take when you are choosing your commercial painter therefore, is look through the painters that you have within your disposal. This will help you to pick out the best amongst them. It is therefore advisable to look for the commercial painters who are within your proximity, as they are the most ideal as you can access them easily. You can get a list of commercial painter near you, by just searching them in the various search engines available.

Step 2: Ask for their quotes

After you have looked at the list of the commercial painters from whom you can choose from, you can then go ahead and choose the best ten for you amongst the list, because you cannot hire all of them. After doing so, it is important to know how much they charge for their services, so that you can be able to gauge whether you can afford them. In order therefore to do this, you can ask them to provide you with the quotes for their services. After they have provided their quotes, you can then settle for the last three commercial painters that rhymes with the budget you have set for painting your building.

Step 3: Visit their premises

Step three is the last stage of choosing your commercial painter Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have made the right choice. In order therefore to determine this, it is important that you visit the premises of the three commercial painters, in order to determine who they are and so that you can have a one on one conversation with them. In addition, look at their business premises, certification and licenses in order to determine whether they are the right commercial painter.

Managing The Home Bed Bugs Troubles

There is a way t manage the most ordinary plumbing problems such as noises, low water pressure, slow drains, clogs, foul smell, among others. One of the sure indications that something could be wrong is the escalated water bill that will keep adding monthly.  When a lot of water is wasted in your home this is what usually happens.  This could be from a dripping toilet, sink or a leak on the pipe. Once you have noticed this problem, do not hesitate to have the problem fixed by a Pest Pro Bed Bug Extermination expert.  However before you do that, you need to investigate where the problem is coming from.

The right time to check is during the nigh when there is minimal distraction.  Do not ignore the gently drops that are lost through the faucet. Normally they add up and constitute to many gallons of water. The identification of where the dripping sound comes from is a sure way to start solving the problem.

The pipes usually become corroded with time; they might also develop some cracks which is usually caused because of the leaks. The cold weather is unfriendly to the pipes as they tend to freeze and in a bid to expand, the crack usually develops then a leak. At times, the pipes can also sweat and pose as moisture even when there is no leak yet.

For the exposed pipes, the best you can do is to use a flashlight and get to see the exact area where there is some wetness accumulating. You can do this by simply allowing feeling with your hand as this will give you an idea on the exact place that could be having a leak.

Another indication that could show excesing use of water are inconsistent meter readings. You can do this by ensuring all the water is switched off in your home. You can then study the readings on the meter and check on the consistence. Usually the insignificant drops do not reflect on the readings therefore it could not be the most effective way of detecting. When it comes to drains, there are certain things that you would need to watch out for. Slow drainage, some bubbling sounds, wet areas around some areas, or the issue of water backing up in the shower. All these are signs of a poor drain, and for you to know the source of the problem, you can put individual sink pipes on a closer observation and get to know which one is leaking. Much as it seems a tedious process, there is nothing more satisfying than having the problem solved eventually. Its not the business for the plumber alone, it has to start with you.

For More Details: click here for emergency plumber

How To Choose The Best Painting Contractor

First impression are very essential in everything that we do, be it yourself, your car or even the buildings that you own. That is why it is important to make sure that you have given a facelift in your building be it your home or your business. There are very many commercial painting contractors around town who are ready to offer their services, however, it is important to only choose the best as the choice of the contractor you chooses determines the quality of work that your building will get. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional commercial painting contractor to do the painting for you.

They have sound knowledge

Painting is no easy task where everyone can venture in and be a pro in it, this is because it requires skills to effectively do it. Therefore, a professional commercial painting contractor is someone who has vast experience and education on all aspects regarding painting. This, in turn, means that they have the necessary sound knowledge on doing the work effectively. They will, therefore, be able to tell the paint colour that matches which part of the house and the best paint manufacturer brands which provide quality paints which would be hard to know for accepting unqualified painter. Professional commercial painting contractors, therefore, adds quality in the project.

They are trustworthy

Painting involves letting a Surrey painting contractor in your home or business and spending quite a huge amount of time in the building. Most of the people are very uncomfortable with this as it can lead to the theft of their properties as well as exposing them to liabilities. However, this can be addressed owing to the fact that professional commercial painting contractors are licensed and certified by the relevant bodies, which limits the danger that you can be exposed to while building your home or building. It is therefore very essential to work with professional commercial painting contractors, as they are trustworthy as compared to the unprofessional ones who aren’t certified and licensed.

They have the necessary tools and equipments

Every day, technology is changing over time which in turn leads to the development of new equipment which gears towards easing the work of professionals. Painting is no exemption as new technologies have come up with new painting tools and equipment. These tools are very expensive and therefore not economically viable to the unprofessional commercial painting contractors. This leaves only one part of the painting community with the necessary tools, and that is the professional commercial painting contractors. By choosing them, therefore, you will be choosing quality services which are made possible by the quality of the painting tools and equipment that they use.

Award Banquet

January 27, 2017
No-Host Cocktail Hour 7:00 PM
Dinner 8:00 PM
By Reservation Only
Reservations for fish must be made by Thursday January 25,
Prime Rib by Friday January 26.
$50.00 per Person including Dinner, Tax, and Gratuity

For reservations, please call Linda Mabin @ 619-582-9311

Make checks payable to ‘SANDICAL’ and
mail to:
6510 Bell Bluff Ave.
San Diego, CA 92119
– Or include with exhibit application –

Hotel Lodging
Ramada San Diego North
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Room rate $89/night w/breakfast buffet
Call (800) 447-2637
Mention “CG26SA” when making reservations

Restaurant for breakfast and dinner
Swimming Pool / Fitness Center
Free Parking

December 27, 2017 cutoff for reservations

For furthur assistance call Linda Mabin – 619-582-9311
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JAN 28, SUNDAY, 10AM – 4PM


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January 27, 2017
No-Host Cocktail Hour 7:00 PM
Dinner 8:00 PM
By Reservation Only
Reservations for fish must be made by Thursday January 25,
Prime Rib by Friday January 26.
$50.00 per Person including Dinner, Tax, and GratuityFor reservations, please call Linda Mabin @ 619-582-9311Make checks payable to ‘SANDICAL’ and
mail to:
6510 Bell Bluff Ave.
San Diego, CA 92119
– Or include with exhibit application –


Hotel Lodging
Ramada San Diego North
5550 Kearny Mesa Rd.
San Diego, CA  92111
Room rate $89/night w/breakfast buffet
Call (800) 447-2637
Mention “CG26SA” when making reservationsRestaurant for breakfast and dinner
Swimming Pool / Fitness Center
Free ParkingDecember 27, 2017 cutoff for reservations

For furthur assistance call Linda Mabin – 619-582-9311
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