Month: April 2021


Have you got any tattoo and you need to care for it?  Your tattoo needs to be taken good care of. Do not leave your tattoo to dry up. 

 After you tattoo yourself, the next step is to avoid the formation of a scab and try the best tattoo aftercare. Below I will discuss the essential tips to care for your tattoo as you wait for it to heal and the best products to boost your healing process. By the end of this article you would be able to have a variety of choices for your tattoo aftercare. 

Tips for Tattoo Aftercare. 

Cover up the Tattoo. 

After applying antibiotic ointment onto your tattoo, cover it up using a plastic wrap or a bandage to prevent your skin from being infected with bacteria. This method also protects your tattoo from being rubbed off onto your clothes making you feel uncomfortable. 

Wash Your Tattoo Gently. 

Unwrap the tattoo after few hours then wash it first gently with soap and water then rinse with non-fragrance soap and warm water. Dry your skin gently with a soft cloth then apply alcohol and fragrance-free moisturizer. Keep your skin free from covering and let it have fresh air. 

Let Your Skin Heal. 

Do the following while you get your tattoo healed; go outside with sun-protective clothes, in case of any complications, you should call your tattoo doctor or consult your tattoo artist in case of any irritation on your skin. 

However, Do not be tempted to pick at your tattoo. Put on loose clothing over your tattoo, do not swim with unhealed tattoo and finally, do not cover the tattoo with sunblock clothes unless it has fully healed. 

If you feel itchy with your tattoo, consider using warm clothes to compress it over your tattoo twice a day. Use two paper towels, soak them in warm water, squeeze then gently compress them on your tattoo. Do not soak your tattoo excessively.  

Best Products for Tattoo Aftercare. 

Original Petroleum Jelly of Vaseline. 

This ointment protects cracked, dry and irritated skin by soothing it. Above all, it works perfectly on freshly made tattoos. This Jelly prevents bacteria infection to your skin and promotes quick healing of your tattoo. 

Aquaphor Ointment. 

This Advance Therapy Healing Ointment is widely used for caring of tattoos. This ointment works by exudating and moisturizing your skin thus promoting faster healing. It also helps to nourish your skin. Currently this is the best tattoo ointment worldwide. 

Aveeno Sheer Hydration Lotion. 

With this ointment, be sure to have your tattoo being healed within few weeks. The lotion hydrates the tattoo and keeps nourished. The lotion also soothes your skin making you feel comfortable. 

CeraVe Healing Ointment. 

This ointment is applied immediately you get your tattoo. It works perfectly to promote faster would healing and prevents your skin from being infected with bacteria. 

In conclusion, you should find yourself the best regimen for good tattoo aftercare like aquaphor which is the most recommended for tattoo aftercare. Aquaphor is both anti-inflammatory and a hydrating agent that speeds up the process of your tattoo healing.